4 thoughts on “URUGUAY: RIVER OF BIRDS

  1. Dear friends,

    just finished your “last words” 😉 before leaving BA –
    enjoyed very much both stories, Water & Ururguay… and about passing untouched beautiful empty beaches in Uruguay I had to cry big tears… would love hanging around there to get a bit distance to all daily stuff here, just hanging in hammok
    – and YOU didn’t put your feet (and other parts of your body and soul 😉 into the sand,
    still crying a bit…

    Life is not fair :-)))))

    Im very happy to see you soon in Europe, cant wait to enjoy THOUSANDS !!!!! not only 100 !!! of fotos… with exciting stories and with some bottles of vine…

    Safe trip home, you both, Im missing you very much and cant wait to hug you,
    lots – no loads of LOVE,

    Your Bine :-)))

    1. Hello Bine,

      Great to hear from you. You would like the beaches in Uruguay. But not so many palm trees for your hammock-hanging thing…and you have to go in autumn/winter to miss the crowds, and then it rains a bit, and is a bit windy off the Atlantic. You can lie on the beach in boots, sheepskin coat, gloves and a wooly hat…plus the umbrella. Maybe the water is also cool. As you say, we didn’t try it and the penguins all go up to Brazil in the winter, so I guess maybe that’s a clue. Go to Rio instead!!
      Yes, when shall we three meet again?? Tell us your plans.

      Much love from us both.

      1. Hello you Two,

        didn’t except such a fast answer thanks so much 🙂

        Well, if you are here, back again in Europe
        (Germany actually gets the worst summer since centuries – just now all under water like nearly every day, bad thunderstorms lightning, heavy rain – you will feel like in southamerican rainforest … my terrace white from mega ice corns horrorable summer – will change flowers into searoses and waterlilies !)

        Yes, dont know when you re flying in.. just give me a call, whenever you like :-)))))

        Hugs, Bine

      2. Ok, will give you a call. Working through the post at the moment (opening Christmas cards -very strange in the heat and sunshine) and trying to get things tidied up.
        Speak soon

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