4 thoughts on “BELCHING GEYSERS!

  1. Hi Guys, wonderful to keep up with your amazing journey via the excellent pieces from James. As we sit here shivering and trying to construct rafts to navigate the many new rivers that have appeared all over the country, the idea of spending time in a desert is very appealing! I am off to Paris a week on Sunday for the French Open and by the time you get back(when is that?) the tennis World could have turned upside down as Federer is back up to No2 and threatening to win the Open and take over at No1 from Djokovic. Not bad for an old guy who is supposed to be on the way out. The terrible weather stopped Jess from taking part in her first official gymkana event while Tom has been handed the gloves and given the role of wicket keeper at Terrington. He won the Most Improved Back in the end of season Malton U11 rugby awards and it is proudly standing on a shelf in his bedroom. That is the room where Twinkle gave birth to the four kittens that are now a month old and battling for our attention with the three lambs we are hand rearing. Yes, I am now answering to the title Dr Doolittle! Keep safe and we look forward to reading your next blog which will help deflect attention from the bloody weather. Lots of love Chris, Al, Tom, Jess, three lambs, two cats and four kittens.
    ps; Russell says” hi”and is getting much better and even doing a bit of tiling at his work after his heart op.

    1. Thanks a lot for your news. Please send our best wishes to Russell for a full recovery soonest. His heart? That’s a bit of a shock. he’s only a young’un. We’ve come back to Argentina, over the Jamo Pass at 4800 metres, which had us gasping a bit. Now in Salta, along with trees, grass and rain forecast for tomorrow. Hope that makes you feel better. We’re heading back to Europe 25th June, so look forward to catching up with you. All the best for now. Love to all from us both. James

      1. Hi there. Lovely to hear back from you too. A quick update on Russell (Jones) – he had a massive heart attack in January which resulted in a quadruple by-pass taking over 11 and half hours to carry out. All touch and go and very stressful considering he is only 49 – however, is making a good recovery and has been regaining weight and all throughout never lost his sense of humour! On a lighter note we have very much enjoyed the blogs and think about you lots as we freeze in the streams now having taken residence in most of our gardens!!! Can’t wait to catch up with you both. Take care and keep in touch. Lots of love Al xxxx

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