1. Hi my tough friends 🙂
    just red with a glass of red your wonderful, also exciting story of the R7 my god…
    sounds incredible. Everything seems to be much much bigger than the african scenery.

    Checked all your pics, the one at the “rainy day reading under Christines underpanties” is my favorite !!!! Great shot !
    Lots of love so far and cant wait for the next chapter 🙂
    Big hug,
    Jim Beam from sunny Mainhattan

    1. Hi Bine,

      We RED your message. Good to hear from you. Yes, the R7 was an interesting road. Also just been in the lake district which is fab (I need to do a blog on this one). Now heading to Santiago to mend some things in the car. Weather much warmer – yes! Hope you keeping well. Will be in touch.

      much love from us both

      1. Excactly, Christine ! hahahaaaa.. by the way its already dark enough for a glas… cheers

  2. Hi James and Christine, Thanks for ringing last night. Had other thought this morning re smells! Do you have air con? Could also be the heat exchanger growing some nice cultures!
    Really enjoyed reading of adventures, It feels like I am there, as your discriptions are so vivid!
    Now following on Google earth!

    1. Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your message. We do have AC but not been using it. Maybe it’ll just go away(?). Here’s hoping. Thanks for your advice. Glad you like the blog. Be in touch.


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