Las Malvinas

HMS Dauntless is emblazoned over the front page of La Nacion. Is this for the arrival of William in the Falklands? Why can’t he fly around Anglesey until I’ve left Argentina. Now I must adopt various disguises: Herr Gabler of Bern; an itinerant Australian called Jim; a tongue-tied Frenchman of dubious origins. So far none of them are terribly convincing. All I can say is that the Argentinians have been nothing but charming and helpful. Long may it continue.

Disguise no.2: Jim the Australian

5 thoughts on “Las Malvinas

  1. Just spent half an hour catching up on your news! It has taken me 4 weeks to work out how to communicate with you and I am still not sure that you will ever see this!!!
    As ever I am the colour of a freshly mown hayfield over your adventures and can only read your updates with the hope of one day experiencing just a smidgin of what you two are up to!!! Enjoy, take care and keep writing. Lots of love from a very snowy Warwickshire! Julie and Katy xxx

  2. Like Julie just managed to work all of this out! Fred has French oral GCSE next Friday so will get him to translate Christine’s bit for practise. Rio sounds fab, dancing like an Englishman, will have to give to lessons. Just had lunch with M & D and I am not sure Dad too sure how to keep up with you or comment so will run him through it next week. Keep posting with vml Jannie xxx

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