Hi everyone. Thanks for your messages. We enjoyed the crossing with a good bunch of crew and passengers.  Arrived BA 27th January. Weather incredibly hot. We got off the boat at 2100 hrs so parked overnight in a car park beside Puerto Madero in the centre of BA. Spent the weekend in the gaucho town of San Antonio de Areco. Now working our way towards Mendoza. I’ve tried to upload the long  report written on the ship but struggling to format it at present. Will be in touch again if and when we find someone who can explain how to di it. (hopefully!)


4 thoughts on “ARRIVED BUENOS AIRES!!!!

  1. Hello Christine and James, it is nice to hear from you again ! The pictures are interesting too. I followed you on the “marine map”, but it is nice to know you arrived at last 🙂 Looking forward to see more pictures and read more about your adventures. Love from sunny Paris…

  2. bisous à vous deux en attendant un nouveau christine raconte. Je pense que vous avez encore chaud. mon ordi a besoin d’un gros lifting, je dois le récupérer en fin de semaine prochaine. J’ai envoyé un sms sur le portable de james aujourd’hui vendredi 3. bisous bisous nous pensons à vous. Maman

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