I see no ships

Still in Europe!!

Having originally thought it would be Christmas crackers in a container port, the week has drifted by with a series of: ‘…the ship will arrive tomorrow…blah…blah’ We are now told to be on the dockside at 09.00 hrs Monday 2nd January for our next instructions/surprise. I can find my way to marinetraffic.com blindfold – and yes, today, Grande Africa – a digital green dot on a Google map – is sitting in Le Havre docks. But now it’s New Year, so who knows when it will load, or leave. Having learnt that the passengers on a previous voyage had their cars unloaded in Rio and left on the dockside until the next Grimaldi ship arrived to transport them to BA, we are a tad nervous. Will we have a car left at the end of this? Maybe we’ll just get a pallet with a few bits??

Rather hoping our next post will be from Argentina.

May we wish everyone a Happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “I see no ships

  1. Dear Christine and James, no news are goods news ? Auguri per 2012. Enjoy your journey and then … enjoy your travel 🙂
    Lots of love from grey Paris

  2. Many thanks for your Christmas card that we received yesterday!!!We imagine you on your”beautifull yatch”. What a big travel !
    I’mnot sure to be able to understand all you write, but I will try.
    Have a good trip without seasickness…Lots of love from us. ANNICK & RENE

  3. Hope you are now on the ocean waves. Misty is laid in front of the fire giving me a rare chance to get the laptop out – she HELPS a lot! She’s getting some new furniture but we are having an ‘access check’ first because I don’t see how it will get through the door. Bon voyage, I hope.

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