9 thoughts on “Hello all!

  1. Bon voyage – I managed to read your blog ! That means I mastered the laptop and a password in foreign language – who’s a clever girl. Vicky

  2. Hello the couple !!!

    I didn’t know that you already left…. So, all my best wishes for your travel… and, hopping we could exchange a bit before you’ll be back….

    Grosses bises à vous deux….

    YO (Dadou)

  3. Hi James & Christine. You lucky lucky people you travelling and having the time of your life as always. Think of us in cold miserable England eating manky turkey and Aunt Bessies Yourkshire puddings!!!! Will keep in touch via your blog…..all our love. Jo & Co xxxx

  4. OK so not such a clever girl – the password was in english ! Had to show Marion how to get into blog – blind leading the blind. Vicky

  5. Hi you intrepid travellers, I hope by now you are travelling!!!Happy New Year to yoy and I hope its bon voyage.
    Take care,

  6. Temperature now above zero here so tap at barn thawed out – and we have a burst pipe. Oh joy! So still having to ferry water in. Still prefer it to having to pretend I’m not English. Keep your heads down.
    Marion says Bally loved her pressy – but she cant get her comments to stay on your blog.

  7. April 2012
    Love reading of your adventures!
    Very erratic weather here, glorious sunshine yesterday and thick frost this morning!

    Have fun and stay safe.
    Love Moisex

    1. Hello Moira
      Nice to hear from you, thanks for your messages….New post today, we are having an Easter pizza on a sunny day at last! We are loving it. Wish you and the family all the best, LOL, Christine

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